Well hey there pretties!

It’s Monday again…obviously…and if you’re weekend was anything like mine, it came too early. I definitely started my weekend on Thursday night with a little margarita coronita action. Which resulted in a drunken vlog. But since you already know those details, let me skip to what you don’t know yet :)one. I was featured in Miss Sami’s Tweet this, Tweet that . The vindictive, ex girlfriend in me came out one day last week and of course I had to share that with y’all.

two. My #ootd for Friday. I actually had to not wear yoga pants look decent for work on Friday. I have my favorite, everyday pieces and I think the skull bracelet is becoming one of those!

three. Allison and I participated in the Glow in the Night 5k Friday night. I totally did it for the experience. I had color coming out of my ears, nose, and every other hole. It also reminded me just how out of shape I really am. I have to say that I was overly excited that we actually got numbers. It’s the little things.

four. Allison and I post-5k. We were colorful, bright, and we glowed.

five. I did what any person would do after a 5k, I ordered a pizza. I know as bloggers we often take pictures of our food, but this one was for the sole purpose of making Brin jealous.

six. I woke up Saturday morning, and with help from my brother’s girlfriend, I surprised my parents and brother for lunch in Greenville. I just love that she gets my craziness, as in, we didn’t decide on foxtrot as a code word or anything… she just knew.

seven. This would be my baby brother buying his first car.

eight. My uncle had a cookout on Sunday. My cousin Lawson thought it would be a fun idea to rub whip cream on his face. But he sure does look cute!

nine. Lawson is all about photo shoots. This is our normal face.

ten. This is our funny face.

eleven. This is our scary face. I dunno about you, but I see scared and evil in this picture.

twelve. I wrapped up the weekend with a trip to Starbucks with my cousin Jayme.

See why it went by too fast?

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