Guys. A funny thing happened. Well not funny, really. But don’t people normally start conversations off that way? Anyways. yesterday, the alive and feeling well Allie, was in charge of keeping my sick parents alive taking my dad to the doctor. And as I was sitting in the waiting room for 900 hours, I got to thinking. You can do some serious people watching at the doctor. I mean sure it’s the same kind of people every single time you go, but still. So I figured I would share with you the:

1. The Loud Talker. You know the guy who talks wayyyy louder than he should. Whether he is talking on his cell phone or to the receptionist, he’s loud. And you get to hear about how the fungus among us under his big toenail is only getting worse. Or you get to hear about what his wife is making for dinner. Whatever you hear, it’s LOUD.

2. The Loud Cougher. Not to be confused with the regular cougher. (apparently cougher isn’t a word, oh well) It’s a doctor’s office, I get it. PEOPLE COUGH. But there is a normal cough, and a loud cough. And there is always a loud cougher. I dunno if it’s a real thing, or if he just thinks the louder he coughs, the sooner he’ll be seen (oooh good idea). Who knows, but he always ends up sitting beside you. So if he really is sick, you’ll be back next week and you’ll be the loud cougher. (circle of life, guys.)

3. The Small Talker. The one who saw the news story saying that coffee can kill you, but who also saw the news story last week that said coffee was good for you. And he has to share that little tidbit of information with you. And even though you are giving him the “nice, but leave me alone” smile, he continues. And then goes on to tell you his daily coffee routine. PLEASE STOP.

4. The Complainer. The one who wants to complain about how long they’ve been waiting. And the hard chairs. And that it’s too cold. And that the TV isn’t on the right channel. And that they had to park too far away. And that the weather is too hot. And gas is too expensive. And so on and so forth. We get it, NOTHING MAKES YOU HAPPY.

5. The Loud Kids. I get it. Kids will be kids. But when you let your children run all over the waiting room, scream loudly without talking to them, etc. that is just too much. Don’t make this any harder than it already is for all of us. I get you may not have someone to watch your kids, but unless you can try and make them behave, the doctor’s office waiting room isn’t where you should take them.

*disclaimer: I like kids and I know some kids are just brats. I only group the kids in this category that have parents who don’t care if they are disturbing others*

6. The One Who Sits Right Beside You. If there is room to leave a seat in between someone, YOU DO IT. Don’t get all cute and think you’re gonna sit right beside me when there are plenty of other places to sit. In fact, stand. Sorry you got there when all the seats were taken, but I’m not a big fan of having you all up in my bubble because you’re too rude to understand the rules.

Today, I would like you to meet Rachael & Sara!

Rachael from Pretty in Pink is a newly 21 year old (remember: drink all the things) from Ohio. She’s a sorority girl who loves pink (duh!), the Kardashians (don’t we all) and glitter (that too). While typing up this little intro, I realized that we are practically related. My mom’s godmother works at the college she goes to (and they’ve met). Cousins! But back to everything else. She recently turned 21, and slept in her tiara (a job well done). She talks about what’s in her bag (it’s everything pink, I promise). She also believes in a lot of really cool things. And she loves a good gif (don’t we all?). Go say hello to Pink Rach (as I fondly refer to her)

Sara from Sara Magdalena is girl from Nebraska who loves nail polish and craft beer. And who I will be meeting in 8 days! Yep that’s right, she’ll be crashing Jen, Brin and I’s dinner date (but that is totes okay Sara) Girl is SO good at painting her nails and dedicated an entire month to doing so. She’s been married for four years and is a cat mom. She enjoys taking beer selfies (I would too) and even posted a recipe for gazpacho (no idea what that is, but it looks like soup.) So she’s already ahead of me in that aspect of life. (the recipe, not the beer, keep up people). So basically if you like beer (check) and you like nail polish (check) and you just wanna read a lot about those two things (check, check) go see Sara!