When looking for an apartment to rent in https://apartmentlove.com/ontario/mississauga, there are a number of things you need to take into consideration. Signing your first lease or putting in your first offer on an apartment can be very intimidating; legal documentations, deposits and down payments, moving fees, and even commitment alone can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Far too often, many people enter the rental game with certain expectations and a set budget in mind only to be shocked back to reality by market completion and hidden costs (i.e. non-refundable pet deposits and much more).


Here, we have compiled a detailed guide to help you out when apartment renting in Mississauga.

Your Checklist:

Utilities – Gas, electricity, cable, trash, water. Find out which if any are included and find out what the bills usually run

Amenities – Is there any security, pool, gym? Does that building have any of these and do they cost extra fees?

Laundry – in-unit, on-site, or none?

Dishwasher, microwave, garbage disposal – Are any of these included in that unit?

Cable hook-up – Where is it located? In which rooms? Living room, bedroom? Who is the provider?

Noise levels – Are there any night clubs, schools, sports venues nearby?

Pets – Are they allowed or not? Is there a fee? Are those fees refundable or monthly?

Floors – Tile, carpeted, or hardwood? Do you own necessary equipment to clean them? (I.e. mop, vacuum)

Subleasing/ breaking a lease – Is this allowed should you need to move the lease up?

Rent increase – How much has rent gone up over past couple of years?


Other things to take into consideration include but not limited to:

– Parking – Storage – Water pressure

– Natural light – Locks/ security – Outdoor space

– Decorating (are you allowed to paint? Hang things?


Now that you have your checklist ready, below are other some of the most important things to think about before apartment renting in Mississauga:

– As we all know, real estate is all about Location, location, location.

– How much money can you afford for rent as well as utilities?

– What amount of money can you afford for deposit that is required? (i.e. first month’s rent, security deposit)

– Number of bedrooms and bathrooms you want

Type of rental apartment that you would prefer such as first floor, view, duplex

– What type of lease are you looking for? If you prefer a month to month lease, then only look for places in Mississauga that will allow month to month tenancy.

– Access to public transportation, medical facilities, stores, and anything else that is important to your living.

– Safety and appearance of that specific neighborhood.

– Grass/ nature proximity to your doorstep. This is actually very important if you have pets to walk.


Where to Source for Rental Apartments in Mississauga

When it comes to finding a great place in Mississauga, there are three main resources that you can use namely:

Website: You will find countless websites dedicated to rentals in Mississauga by simply googling “Mississauga Apartment Rentals”.

Agents: An individual can also opt to work with a leasing agent. Some leasing agents have a fee while others are free to work with as they are paid by the landlord – be sure to inquire about their rates before beginning.

Walk Around: Walk around neighborhood of Mississauga and seek out “FOR RENT” signs.



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