I started blogging a short five months ago. I remember when I first started and had 2 followers, 5 followers, 10 followers and even when I made it to 50 followers. I think at that point in our blogging lives we all look up to those blogs that have hundreds of followers and wonder “will that ever be me?” or “what I wouldn’t give for one of those bloggers to comment or tweet me.” Like I’ve said, it isn’t about the numbers by any means, but I think that is what we use to judge a small blogger from a big blogger.

Sometimes, big bloggers tend to forget about those of us that are smaller. But sometimes you’ll find those ladies that are the sweetest, most helpful bloggers out there and they could have 10 times as many followers as you, but they remember when they were in your shoes. Today, I have one of those ladies for you.

She went to Australia a few months back and emailed ME asking if I’d like to guest post. A secret between you and I… my year was MADE! I couldn’t believe she asked me of all people if I wanted to guest post! Now, she is once again showing me that it doesn’t matter the number of GFC followers or any other social media followers, but its who you are and how you treat others…. and that is why I love her and am happy to call her my friend!

Hi! My name is Leeann of Join the Gossip and I am thrilled to be guest posting for Allie. She’s one of those bloggers that I instantly connected with. You can tell when someone is a friendly, good person, and she def is. She is actually sponsoring a giveaway I’m hosting right now so I wanted to do a little something for her. So today I’m here with a giveaway for you all!Personally when I think of the holidays, I think of red cups and caramel brulee lattes. So in the season of giving, I wanted to bring one of you a little joy in the form of Starbucks. I’ll let Allie decide how you all will enter this giveaway and then she’ll pick a winner and I’ll send you the $20 gift card. Good luck!