Hey Y’all!
Today, one of my December sponsors, Beth has a guest post for you.
Since she is a Carolina girl, just like myself, I’m extra excited for this one!Hello shugpies!
I’m here to pimp myself out and beg you to check out my blog.
I’m Beth and I’m stoppin’ by from Shug in Boots.
Ms. Allie is such a doll baby that she is letting a crazy like me post whatever I want.
A girl could really run wild with that. However, since we just met, I’m gonna keep it light and fluffy. Everyone loves that, right?

But for really,
we all meet so many magical friends here in Blog World, and we get to know so much about them from stalking them reading, don’t we?
I mean, Blog World is a magical land where we actually encourage you to be up in our business everyday.
{If we are a good blogger and post that often.}
So, I figured that’s what I would do today – just get straight to it.
I am a 29 y.o. southern chick, married to this shugpie:
We met in Raleighwood, at the beloved NC State {kind of}. One night, I baited him with promises of the best fried chicken he’d ever had {never actually made it before, oops }. Anyhoo, thankfully to God, it worked. A few Bud heavies, too many trips to Cook Out, and four years of dating later, we got hitched and moved to the Charlotte areaAnyhoo,
here’s what you would get if we were to spend some time hangin’ out:

If we were to become bloggy friends, you’d likely be exposed to a little bit of Charlotte, Raleigh, or some combination of the two and the surrounding areas. You could vicariously woof down Bojangle’s {Who says no to biscuits, seasoned fries and tea?! Not even this gluten intolerant diabetic, apparently.} but not have to worry over any of the fat and calories.
Nope, that’d be all on me. See what a good friend I am?You would likely witness my dear sweet Anj either making delectable grub, drinking a bevy, yelling at the State game, or catching up on his rest. He is super talented at falling asleep at any given time at any give place. He sometimes has full blown conversations in his sleep, complete with eye brow raises and hand movements.