All I can say is we made it to Friday pretties.
And if I’m lucky I’ll make it to Monday as well.
This weekend should be full of 21st birthday festivities
and by festivities I mean lots of drinking and a tattoo.
Hangover style… except totally not.

But first we have some business to attend to.

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– Peak = The high part
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My laptop died. It’s done.
Yes I’m upset that all of my stuff is probably lost,
but that is what we have Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for now a days.
While I’m excited about getting a new laptop,
I’m not excited about the price tag.

I have my second math test on Monday.
Along with a doctor’s appointment and an eye appointment and a lot of other crap due on Monday.


Miss Harper graced the world with her prescence.
From what I can tell through pictures, she is one precious baby girl.
and I get to love on her tonight!

My favorite SIL turned 21 on Tuesday and that is who I am celebrating with and getting a tattoo with. This should make for an interesting blog post on Monday.

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