Hey there pretties &
hey there March.
Yes March… holy crap.

I’m extra excited for this Friday.
Its not only a Friday, but its the 1st day of March
and well, someone’s birthday is this month.

– Write a blog post with the Pit & Peak of your week.

– Pit = The low part
– Peak = The high part
-Follow your hosts
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Is is bad to say I haven’t really had any?
I’m not bragging.
I sat here trying to come up with something and nothing is coming to mind!


-Getting a 100 on my midterm paper for a Humanities class AND a B on my second math test 🙂
-Finally getting my new laptop… I may be in love.
-Buying my ticket to Bloggy Boot Camp! This is all becoming so real!
(speaking of, if you are planning to go, fill out this form)
– I’ve done a lot of online shopping (maybe too much, right Brin?)
but I’ve gotten some really great deals
-I get to see one of my best friends, Megan tonight for dinner and mani/pedi’s

How was your week?

No just a few reminders:

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