We have all had at least one bad date right?
A date where you can’t wait for it to get over?
A date where you really wish any of your friends would call or text and get you out of it?

Today, we are sharing those dates!

It’s simple really.
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Cause honestly, all you can do is laugh.
My bad date comes from an online dating experience. I know what you’re thinking, but online dating isn’t really as taboo as it once was. It’s 2013 people. And I’m a firm believer in putting yourself out there. This date was back in March of 2012. It was right after my ex and I had broken up. I used the dating website Plenty of Fish or POF. I can’t remember who messaged who first, but his pictures looked good and they all looked the SAME {which is VERY important in the dating world}. We had a lot in common and the talking was easy.

We had talked about going on a date about a week or so after we “met”. However, he ended up texting me on a Thursday night and asked if I wanted to go to dinner. It was the first date I had went on in TWO AND A HALF YEARS, so obviously I got really nervous. I even downed a glass of wine before I left the house.

We were to meet at Olive Garden at 8PM. Now I know most of y’all probably don’t think that time is late, but to me, it’s late. I’m a 6-7PM dinner kinda girl so I was starving!

His first strike was that he was late. Like 30 minutes late and that isn’t okay. Once he finally arrived we made the walk to the front door. I will tell you, if a guy doesn’t open the door to a restaurant or whatnot for me, that is an automatic point against him. And the date must go phenomenal from then on out for him to have a chance. I think it’s just important to treat a woman like a lady and opening the door for her is important. And you can guess it… he walked on in ahead of me.

We are seated at our table and begin talking. I think he was just a few years older than me. He had the most obnoxious stories, laugh and thought process I had ever been around. And when I say an annoying laugh I mean it was loud and we even got stares from the other people eating in the restaurant.

Here is when I lost it. As you know, Olive Garden brings out a big bowl of salad like the one pictured below. I don’t like salad and told him that he had it to himself. So he puts some on his plate. Once that is finished he then slides the BIG bowl of salad closer to him and begins eating straight out of that…. I am not kidding. He is straight up eating out of a Jethro sized bowl of salad as I stare in horror.
He was also a eater talker. What’s that you ask? He talked with his mouth full and I’m pretty sure some of his chewed up food landed back on his plate. VOMIT.

We finished up dinner and he kept trying to talk and extend the date. I made up some excuse about having to get up early. Practically ran to my car. Gave him the sideways hug. And drove off. I definitely ignored any future texts and trust me there were plenty. I know that is wrong of me, but I really had nothing to say to this guy.

And while I was brunching with Mason on Sunday, we got to talking about the guy that stood me up. Y’all remember #mlc right? I totally forgot to mention him! I mean what is worse than getting stood up all together?

What’s your bad date story?