Today we’re taking it back. A little Throwback Thursday, if you will.
Yesterday, Holly announced a great link-up and when Holly announces a link-up you do it.
Or at least that’s how it goes in Toatslandia. I think I want to trademark that. I mean I have said it at least once a day for about a week now. But back to today’s activities.

Dear Sweet 21 Year Old Allie,

Oh Allie. Allie. Allie. Listen up. If you don’t do anything else in your entire life, listen to me now. Sure I only have a short 4 years on you, but I learned a lot in those 4 years.

Let’s begin with your very first day as a 21 year old. You thought it was a great idea to get a bob. Honey, any kind of short hairstyle just doesn’t match with your fat face, you’ll see that again in a few years, because you never remember just how much you hate how you look with short hair, but this one was especially bad. So the next time you decide to chop all your hair off remember you can’t just throw it up and go when it’s short. You will lose sleep over short hair. Say it with me – long hair, don’t care.

You didn’t drink nearly enough as a 21 year old. What the hell were you thinking? Sure you’ll make it up next year and in the years to come, but when you get to be my age, you’ll regret having not had the true 21 year old experience. So live it up. You can sleep when you’re dead.

While you thought your life was over because that awful, awful boy you wasted two years of your life on finally broke the last straw, I promise it’s not. You’ll look back in a few months and realize it was the best decision you ever made. Just know you’ll meet more guys and they will break your heart, but each time you’ll get stronger and stronger.

Cherish every moment. Every single moment of your life. Your relationship with your mom has grown exponentially in the past few years, but it only goes up from here. She is one smart lady and loves you with all your heart. Remember even at 21, you are and will always be Daddy’s little princess. And even when your brother is driving you crazy, know he always has your back. Always.

Friends can be fake. That girl you call your best friend and move in with, she won’t be there in a few short months. And while you’ll try to fix the issues, they will always be there. Don’t worry though, she doesn’t make you who you are, you’ll survive.

While you may think that job you have is the, you’ll realize that you deserve better. It may take you awhile, but just know that one day, you’ll be one class away from getting your degree. Just keep on keepin on. Never give up.

And lastly, if I can give you one piece of advice. Don’t be so nice. You were born with a caring heart and you will try time and time again to make all those around you happy. Newsflash – it isn’t your job to control their happiness. It isn’t your job to give up your happiness at the cost of theirs. And it damn sure isn’t your job to help a BOY when he’s down. It’s a give and take kind of thing, not a take, take, take thing. But then again, that’s a few years away.