Hey everyone! We are SO excited to announce the swap partners! Just a reminder of the rules.

The Rules:
1. SIGN UP! Be sure to sign up below using the google form. We will announce the swap partners by June 10. If you want to do the swap, make sure you sign up by June 10! That is the cut off date!
2. GO SHOPPING! We want you to buy your swap partner a bright, fun beach towel. Along with the towel, buy your partner lots of goodies that they can use at the pool, the beach or just out in the sun!
3. DON’T GO NUTS! Try to keep a spending limit around $20. If you want to spend more, feel free! But you don’t have to go crazy spending tons of money on the goodies. Wal-Mart and Target have so many miniature goodies in the travel section that would make great box fillers!

This special lady is celebrating the 5th anniversary of her 21st today! To say she is one of my best friends is an understatement! AND I’m not even the weird blogger calling someone I’ve never met my best friend, cause I have met her. Now granted I did sleep in the same hotel room only hours after meeting her in person, but… Totes kidding 🙂

J Bunny – I LOVE YOU! I hope you have the most wonderful day ever, because you completely deserve it! You are such a sweet, caring, loving, funny person and I couldn’t be more blessed to have a friend like you! And remember: Calories don’t count today!

AND in honor of Jenn’s birthday, come back a little later today for a very special treat. Hint: 18 of you could win prizes. YES. 18 of you!