Too often we try and pretend like we are good at everything and if we are being honest here today, not everyone can be good at everything (I’m totes not talking about me, I’m good at everything). Just kidding. I’m bad at some stuff too. But don’t you worry, I’ve already talked about all the things I’m good at. And because I’m such a humble person, I’m gonna tell you what I’m not good at. You know just in case any one else wants to do the same, you won’t be alone in talking about your misfortunes.

1. Folding a fitted sheet. Guys. I just don’t get it. I mean a flat sheet, I get. But a fitted sheet with elastic. I mean it’s not even squared. My mom has tried about 500 times to show me how to “make it square” and I just don’t get it. And if we’re being honest today, I probably never will. So I just stuff them in my linen closet and go on my way.
2. Whistling and snapping my fingers. I dunno what happened in that department, but I will forever be forced to simply YELL at someone to get their attention. And good thing I’m not a man who needs to whistle at a hot girl or an extra sassy woman (just kidding, I’m sassy) who needs to do the “Z snap”. I can semi snap with my left hand but it hurts my hand more than anything and that just isn’t worth it. (that’s what she said).

3. Braiding my own hair. I would absolutely love to include a cute bang braid (is that even what it’s called?) or fishtail braid or even a french braid, but I just can’t. I look damn near ridiculous when I try braiding my own hair. Give me a Barbie, and I could work at a Dry Bar.

4. Making my bed. I just don’t get it. I mean sure if I change the sheets or get a new comforter set I will probably make my bed. Or even if I’m doing like a big clean on my room, I’ll make the bed. But I don’t have time to make my bed everyday. And don’t give me the “what if you have company” excuse. Cause my answer will always be this… If you are in my bedroom, you probably aren’t gonna care if my bed is unmade….

5. Eating my veggies. My godmother once told me that “green beans will make you smarter than boys” and from that day forward, my brain was all about the green beans and not about any other veggies. Like in fact my mom still acts surprised when I put a vegetable on my plate at dinner. And I’m twenty-five. Broccoli looks like little trees. Lettuce tastes like I’m eating a leaf. Corn makes me gag. And carrots are just too mushy. I just can’t handle the veggies

6. Getting my oil changed on time. I can’t believe I’m even admitting this, but I’m pretty sure I should have had TWO oil changes since my last change and well, I haven’t had any. If my dad knew that he would probably be really pissed, but we aren’t going to tell him now are we? As bad as it sucks, I would rather spend the $40 at Target instead of Jiffy Lube. #aintsorryboutit

7. Drinking things without a straw. Sorry it just ain’t gonna happen. If you don’t have straws, I’ll probably say I’m not thirsty. Literally the only thing I drink without a straw is beer. That’s it. And that’s because I feel like beer should never been drank through a straw. It’s kind of a manly beverage and straws scream girly to me. A life without straws is a like a sky without the sun. Not even kidding.

8. Staying away from Target. I just can’t guys. I mean if Target ever went bankrupt, I would probably freakin lose it. I mean I did only spend $82 when I went the other day and I had to buy stuff like milk and mascara and Halloween candy. So that’s an accomplishment right? But guess what. That just makes me want to go back to Target and buy more things and try and spend less money all while buying all the things.

Don’t worry Boo, I ain’t good at juggling either….

So now. Who is gonna jump on the “I’m not good at this…” bandwagon with me?