I hope you came prepared, because there is going to be SO MUCH going on today in Toatslandia. Apparently I forget to check my schedule before I set dates for things (or maybe this is the only bad luck I’ll experience on Friday the 13th) but I have a swap reveal, a giveaway AND #12gramstilChristmas today. Plus work. And a work Christmas party tonight. So let’s get started.

Which one would you like me to start with? How about something simple, a reminder.

The love child of Juliette and I is born! If you haven’t already, go start grammin away! It’s time to start the #12gramstilChristmas Photo challenge. Make sure to hashtag your pictures so we can see them all! Oh and remember, it’s only ONE L in til for our hashtag (we like to be different)
Next up is the Secret Santa Swap Reveal! It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for. NOW we get to know who our Secret Santa is!! I played Secret Santa to (drumroll please): EMILY from Be Blessed, Ya’ll! I was so lucky to meet her at BBC in May and I am so glad to call her a friend. Emily, I hope you enjoy all of your presents! Merry Christmas!! But wait, NOW I get to show you what I got from my Santa!

Reese’s Trees, Christmas Tree Cakes, Nail Polish, Christmas Tree Candle, Note Cards, Let it Snow Notepad and Nutcracker Ornament! Thank you SO much for all of my goodies!!